Academic journal to publish bin Laden poetry

The academic journal “Language & Communication” will publish poetry (as well as a few speeches and sermons) by Osama bin Laden in next week’s issue. The poetry is part of an article by Flagg Miller, a professor at UC Davis. The poems were among a large number of audiocassettes found in the al-Queda headquarters in 2001, and were mainly used as a means of recruiting new members and “coaching his audiences through their fears about dying,” according to Miller. He has been working with the tapes for over three years, and believes that their content is valuable viewed both as a text and as the living words of bin Laden.

Yale University is also working on processing, preserving, and digitizing all 1,500 tapes for publication within a few years. Miller is currently the only researcher working with the tapes, but soon it is anticipated that whomever is registered to use Yale’s resources will have access to the digitized recordings.

See CNN’s article here for more information.

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