Germans turn to Marx during economic crisis

In the midst of the current international economic crisis, the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are experiencing a resurgence.

Jörn Schütrumpf, the manager of Karl-Dietz, the Berlin publishing house responsible for the German works of Marx and Engels said that “We’re seeing a very distinct increase in demand for his books, a demand which we expect to rise even more steeply before the year’s end.”

Schütrumpf also noted that those purchasing Marx’s books are generally “those of a young academic generation, who have come to recognise that the neoliberal promises of happiness have not proved to be true.”

Some German political figures have even recently outed themselves as Marxist sympathisers. Oskar Lafontaine, the head of Germany’s rising left-wing party, Die Linke, said he planned to write Marxist theory into the party’s manifest and Peer Steinbrück, Germany’s finance minister, was quoted saying “Generally one has to admit that certain parts of Marx’s theory are really not so bad.”

For more information visit the original article at The Guardian.

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