Authors Guild V. Google to be settled

Roy Blount Jr., the current president of the Authors Guild, has announced that the class-action lawsuit the Authors Guild filed against Google in September 2005 will finally be settled.

The suit was filed when Google began scanning books in their entirety and making copies of these books available online through Google Book Search. Most of the books were out-of-print and public domain, however Google was also displaying copy’s of books which will still in print.

The settlement that has been reached, which still must be approved by a Federal Judge, will allot at least $45 million for authors and publishers whose work was scanned and displayed without permission.

Additionally, there is an included proposal that Google continue to scan books, with permission, and make these books available for persons with paid subscriptions. This would allow for libraries to access an enormous amount of books and, academically, expedite the research of students across the country as they would be able to view and print any book that has been made available. The project would also make many out-of-print books easily accessible.

For more information visit the Authors Guild official statement and Google’s Book Search Copyright Settlement page.

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