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Review: Burn After Reading

If you liked the absurd twists, dark humor, and unforgiving violence of Fargo you will love the Coen Brother’s new film, Burn After Reading. See it if you love the Coen Brothers, or if you hate them. See it because you’ll get to see George Clooney topless in several scenes. The film centers around a […]

The Road, on screen

According to the Los Angeles Times Cormac McCarthy’s newest novel, The Road has been adapted for the screen by screenwriter Joe Penhall. As far as I can tell, Penhall has never written anything of tremendous merit or consequence. A few TV series episodes, an adaptation of The Long Firm. The Road, in my opinion, rests […]

Review: Punk Rock Journal by Kathi Georges

Kathi Georges. Punk Rock Journal. New York: Three Rooms Press, 2007. Paperback. I bought Kathi Georges’ thin collection of poems off a card table set up in the middle of Tompkins Square. Georges’ was at the table selling her book—along with other titles from the small publisher Three Rooms Press—talking about poetry while I flipped […]